Letter to the best…

Dear Bupa

We’ve known each other for years. We were with you years ago, before stopping since we didn’t really need you any more. Some time ago, I shopped around for health funds. I called you and you convinced me that we were made for each other. I signed up then and there, believing I had a good deal. Later on however, I realised that you had mandatory waiting periods, while there were others who were willing to waive these. 

‘I love the dentist’

I called you again; saying that I hope you’d waive these silly waiting periods, since others would happily do so. You obliged without much fuss. I was grateful that I stuck with you, and knew I made the right decision. I used you mostly for chiropractic. They should have been good, what with all the five star reviews. However, my back hardly improved, and they told me that I had to do the effort too. Paying premium price in this case was not worth it; being successful doesn’t mean they’re good. I was still able to claim back hundreds from my chiro visits, but results matter to me. 

There was also the designer sunnies. I got two pairs no gap for Superdry frames. Great value. I wasn’t as lucky with the dentist, where they charged me so much for routine dental work. In the future, I’ll be more vigilant. That’s why I’m going back to my old dentist in the city, bypassing those exorbitant fees.     

The little gem that I get though has to be the discounted movie tickets. For less than what I pay at the cinemas, I could get evouchers. Since I visit the cinemas during the weekends, this is a real bargain. As any patron would know, ticket prices at Event Cinemas are higher during weekends, so I’m glad that I could avail of these. I’m also relieved that the vouchers are redeemable at vmax sessions as well. Given my inclination towards bigger screens and seats, I couldn’t thank you enough. 

I don’t know if we have a future; I haven’t gotten that far. If I’m just going to use you for biannual dental, yearly optical and regular movie tickets, that wouldn’t really be enough, no? Health funds are now increasing every year, and with the Brexit aftermath in full swing, people need to reassess and be wise. Rest assured though that I am very pleased with you and your customer service, and would highly recommend you to anyone wishing quality health cover. 

With gratitude


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