Advent of summer 

El Alamein fountain, Kings Cross

December has barged in, and it’s a new season. While summery conditions have been around for the last few weeks, the coming of December officially marks the start. Outside people have been adapting well. You’re seeing more shorts, tees, and longer daylight hours. The gelato shops have been more crowded, and more people have lunch on the grass. We’ve been eating lots of pineapple too, purchased from the local grocer. They’re unique since they peel the fruit, which otherwise would have been cumbersome. With December also comes mangoes, and the r2e2 ones are perfect for those weekend shakes. 

Hyde Park, sydney

Not everything though is as rosy. There is the threat of bushfires, and the fire brigade is warning potential arsonists. Koalas are being chased out of their yet-depleted habitats. The news the other night showed pictures of a koala drowning in the waters of Apollo Bay. Thanks to a quick thinking Good Samaritan, the endangered marsupial was saved from extinction lol. Now we would hope that nothing would be as dramatic, but this will be the sad reality if we keep on setting fires alight on searing summers’ days. The season though is not all about bushfires and long suffering koalas, it’s about staying outdoors, going to the beach, enjoying the holidays and yes, making those shakes. As we rediscover the Nutri ninja, here are a few tested recipes that will cool you down this season:

Man rescues marsupial

  1. Mango monkey smoothie

1/2 banana, 1slice of mango, 3/4 cup of water, 3 ice cubes
 The banana infusion gives this a sweet blend. Ideal for those with a sweet tooth. Just slice the fruits as required, pop them onto the Ninja, then press on it till it liquifies. Too easy.  

2. Pine mango

Same as above, with the inclusion of some pineapple. You can scrap the banana if it gets too sticky. Remember to cover the lid tightly before commencing. You don’t want to spill all over the ‘power pod’. 

3. Melon quencher

2-3 ice cubes, 1-2 slices watermelon (without the seeds), 1 cup water
Place all the ingredients in the Nutri ninja cup in the listed order above, ice first, then blend til smooth.

4. Orange & banana

3-4 ice cubes, 1 orange, 1/2 banana, 3/4 cup water

5.  Apple mango

Needs 3 ice cubes, 1 Granny Smith Apple, 1 r2e2/KP mango, 1 cup water

6. Apple lemon

3 ice cubes, 1 Granny Smith Apple, 2 lemon slices, 1.5 cups water
Note: haven’t tried this one before but hope it tastes better than the cold pressed juice at the green grocer’s

7. Strawberry melon energy blast

full of fibre and protein

Substitute as an on the go mean replacement

1/4 cup ice; 1/4 medium cucumber; peeled halved; 4 strawberries, hulled; 3/4 cup cantaloupe, 1-in chunks

Once your head has stopped boiling from the fiery weather, you’ll realise that summer isn’t so bad after all. When you couldn’t escape on a blazing Sunday, turn on the aircon (or find the aircon outside), go for a swim and bask like you won’t ever give a rat’s ass.

By the way, the link for the drowning koala story can be found here:

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