The last day

31 December 2016

New Year’s Eve. People have packed the best spots to see the fireworks. The hottest tickets for the commoner are near Circular Quay, right beside the harbour bridge. Everyone is packed there like sardines at this time. Of course, there are other spots, but I could do away with the names and places.

Though I had my chances, I could never squish in, even with the promise of a dazzling display. It’s much like the Boxing Day (26/12) sales. I could not be bothered to wake up before sunrise at 5ish, or otherwise fight with koalas at Pitt Street mall, where the queues never move. What I can do is write, post something on the very last day of the year. This is my chance, my last chance before 2016 puffs and withers.

Today I look back at some of my more popular posts over the last five months.

Melbourne, Victoria

My article on our interstate holiday garnered much traffic, and even a few likes on WordPress. People love travel stories, and hearing about the Great Ocean Road is sweet music. I wish I had more destinations to show, and take trips more often.

Cockatoo Island, Sydney

The extent of the response I garnered, surprised me. I just got half of the experience, missing the all important convict sites. An island, though, is still an island.

Remembering Forrester

A tribute to my favourite film, overlooked then as it is now. However, two bloggers managed to enjoy the entry.

The D’oh-lympics

One of my first posts this year, it’s also the initial time I used pictures to add colour to my work. I even impressed one blogger from the renegade press. I have since followed his site.

Jason Bourne reviewed

The first entry this year, two years since I last posted. A maximalist bloke found my entry commendable, and followed me. I felt the same bout his commendable work. All in all, five new WordPress followers for half a year’s work. Not bad.

2016 may mean many things to many peeps, but this is the year I began to take my writing seriously again. Aside from blogging, I’ve found time to write poetry and a number of stories. Altogether, I find writing stuff easier these days. I hope that I’ll continue my diligence in the coming year, and that you’ll be along for the journey. Kudos, to turning another page. Welcome, 2017!

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