A trip to the optometrist

Last week, I booked an appointment for my eye test. I’ve been browsing prescription sunnies at Specsavers, especially upon seeing their sweet promo online. Now let me be clear. They have 2 pairs no gap for selected health funds on their $199 designer range, whether specs or shades (glasses or sunnies). On top of that from February till March, you’ll receive free polarising lens for one of the two pairs. This might sound really generous, but it’s something only Specsavers would do, setting them apart from the competition. Likewise it’s the main reason they keep growing. Specsavers has become synonymous to high quality, great value and excellent customer service.

Polarised and standard

Their ads are also catchy, with the tag line ‘should have gone to Specsavers’. Having private health insurance could be quite handy at times. Last year, for instance, I was able to pick up two sunnies without parting with any gap payment. As an added bonus, I had one polarised pair. So what does this really mean? I have one with standard UV, which is the basic tint, and another (the polarised) with the best protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays. I had to wait till the new year to have my optical benefits reset. I’ve been browsing their range in store from time to time. On one occasion, the assistant was being rather pushy. She said that they won’t be having free polarised offers since they had it for eight weeks last time. Would you like to get it done right now? I told her, quite firmly, that I was ‘just browsing’.

The appointment

Well, ‘good things happen to those who wait’, and what perfect timing when I saw their offer online earlier this month. So I managed to do some research, before being informed that my appointment was unnecessary since my prescription was good till next year. This time the assistant was friendlier. She gave me advice on the shades, before I settled on two pairs, one from Converse and another from Boss Orange. I decided to have the brown converse as the polarised one. 

For the standard tint, you had a choice of three coloured lens: green, grey, and brown. I was leaning toward the grey one, but found out that brown was best, so I went with their recommendation. Like last year, there was no out of pocket expense for me. I just swiped my card, and like magic, it was all good. Just as last year, I had a cruisy checkout experience. I’ll be collecting them in the near future, being issued a fitting appointment. If last year’s work was any indication, I don’t expect any dramas. With a three month satisfaction guarantee, and two year warranty, what’s not to love?

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