An ode to mothers

Mother’s Day, 2017. No matter how busy, occupied, or carefree you are, this event only happens once a year. Whether you’re in Patagonia or Parramatta, Melbourne or Manila, Ibiza or Bondi, we must remember the sacrifices of this special person. From when we were kids to those teenage years, from our cribs to our finest hour, she has been the one constant. Some of us may have lost her along the way, leading us to tread the fords bereft of her presence. For others, imagining a world without her is like contemplating a sky sans clouds. 

Yet some of us may never know how she looked; she was taken away too soon. In this sense, to all those lucky enough, be very thankful that you have her. Sometimes it’s easy to forget, especially when you’re in your own self indulgent universe. Think of the days, weeks, and months. I’m sure all her efforts have been only for your own betterment. She has a right to ask you questions, she’s earned that. She taught you how to write, introduced you to cartoons, and read you stories. Through her, you became versed in good manners and wealthy in values. Through osmosis, you learned other stuff as well. While we’re not here to give a shopping list, rest in knowing it’s more than enough to get by. As an adult your formative years guide you. 

Early on, she was a listening ear. Sometimes you ask for her opinion, but you’ve learned to manage pretty well on your own. You’ve seen lots of things yourself, visited many places, have a few close friends. Perhaps you want to see more of the world, you want to do even better in your career, or start a family yourself. Without the proper groundwork, believe me you’ll be lost. 

On this day, my advice would be to remember all the good she’s done be it yesterday, today or the other day. You don’t have to do something special, a simple kind act would suffice. I would find it hard to believe that in all those years, you couldn’t recall any good deeds. If you could well remember her for one day, why not make it one year? If kids can cook brekkie, why not surprise her with a bit more?

To all the mothers, stepmums, foster parents, grandmothers, carers, teachers, hairdressers, fashionistas, mother figures, managers, supervisors, miracle workers, cooks, swimmers, lawyers, accountants, and multitaskers in the world, I’d like to take this opportunity to greet you a Happy Mother’s Day.

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