Some winter chronicles

Vivid light show at the Sydney Opera House

It’s the middle of the year and for us that means winter has arrived. You know: shorter days, colder temps, and of course torrential rain. The past week has been a classic winter one, with the drenching, 14-degree weather, and chilly air. Night time is much longer than daylight hours, and you’d be sensible to pack a parka (or two). In summer, you’ll see more shorts, tees, even singlets. While we would’ve wanted the warm weather to go on forever, it has hung around for too long. We had a run of warmer weather as late as May, with whole weeks of sunshine and no rain. But that was last month, and it’s time to turn the page. 

Vivid Sydney

Vivid Sydney is among the most popular activities during the cold season. For three weeks, crowds flock to the city to witness the dazzling light and music display around points of interest. From the Opera House to the Harbour Bridge, from Taronga Zoo to The Rocks, Sydney comes alive after dark. All this started a few years ago, and at night, the CBD (city centre) has been a beehive of activity, ever since. The reception has been infectious, with Darling Harbour and even Chatswood joining the party.

Hot food

Another staple of winter is the consumption of hot food. While this is not peculiar only to winter, this becomes even more so during the coldest months. Take coffee for instance. Many Aussies love the smell of coffee in the morning. Whether it’s a cuppa before work, a mid-morning energy boost, or a breakfast beverage, Aussies know their coffee. In the colder months, the queues in cafes are longer, and the whole workplace is brimming with the aroma of coffee. The same goes for pho, that wondrous Vietnamese soup. The taste of warm noodles not only soothes the throat, but also clears the head. 

Mid year sales

Early winter is also the perfect time the polish up your winter wardrobe. From the start of June, many clothing retailers will have their annual mid year bargains. So, ‘Let us count the ways’. Myer and David Jones both have their stocktake sales. This could range anywhere from 25-40 percent off original prices. At the moment, David Jones has a further 20 percent off clearance, which are mostly summer stock. At Myer, I was able to grab a pure merino thermal top and long john for almost half the retail price. 

I was able to score something small from Kathmandu during their short pop up sale, where everything was 40 percent off. Even Aldi, famous for their rock bottom prices, has had their annual snow sale. From prior research, I’ve heard that everything is plundered on the first day alone. I wanted to avoid the crowds, their shoving and elbowing, so I went on the second day. I managed to get a pair of grey snow gloves and a compression long sleeve top. Looks like the cold doesn’t stand a chance lol

Silver lining

There are less people wandering around during winter, which is odd since it coincides with the school holidays. I guess the oldies don’t want to get caught up in gloomy conditions. At night, the suburbs are virtual ghost towns; everyone is either on their computers, reading or watching telly. This makes winter appear like an cruel drone. In spite of the winds, the somber weather, and the isolation, the good thing is that it’ll be over soon. You’ll be enjoying those sunny days again in no time.

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