Click and Collect reviewed

Woolworths store, George St, Sydney

Shopping online has never been easier. With Afterpay and various other payment options, sale on sale pricing, and endless mid season reductions across a myriad categories, the question should be ‘Why not?’ Adding to this ease has been this thing, Click and Collect, which is as simple as ordering online and picking up your item/s in-store. While there are a couple of iterations, we’ll review four stores, including Myer and Woolworths.

1) Click and Collect (Myer). Having been around for a while, this basically involves shopping online, checking for in-store availability, and purchasing your desired goods. Though appearing straightforward, it’s more complicated than you think. Sometimes, the stock check is rather faulty; you’d end up paying for your order only to get an annoying notice that your store has ran out of stock. Unlike other retailers, you’re at the mercy of floor stock: if they don’t have it in your pick up location, you’d stand empty handed. Over the years, I’ve collected a Lonely Planet guide, brush head refills, a merino v-neck jumper, etc. If they could improve the in-store availability where items could be shipped from other outlets, watch out.

2) Pick up (Woolworths). The retail front runner has rebranded their erstwhile Click and Collect service, but is the new Pick up worth it? The answer is a resounding yes. For a minimum of $30 for each pick up order, you get the woolies team to hand pick your items in-store. You order and pay for said item online, reserve your collection window, and you’ll be asking, ‘How you doin?’ in no time. Order before 11am and you can collect your purchases on the same day. The service is still being rolled out, but it’s available in our area already. I’m pleased to say that I’ve tried it a few times and it saves time and aisle counting. The only drawback is that some items could be out of stock. One look at the enquiries register (the designated collection spot) will tell you that more and more shoppers are opting for the quick and painless.

3) Collect in-store (Jeanswest). As I’ve detailed previously, I’ve done a bit of shopping from this store. Over the years, I’ve purchased clothes both from their physical stores and online. For instance, I bought a grey pullover in-store last year; I’ve likewise selected a green vest and a blue jacket for delivery last year. This annum, I’ve opted to use their free in-store pickup. Shopping online and the guarantee of collecting your items, regardless of store stock, is the best thing about this feature. No availability? No worries; they’ll send your chosen goods to your local store. Too easy. This year, I’ve picked up a blue merino jumper, a crew knit, chino shorts, and a pair of blue jeans. Unfortunately, they’ve been closing down their stores at an alarming rate. From familiar sites across town, there are now only a few left in Sydney metro. Given that I’ve grabbed a few things in their stores, it’s a real shame.

4) Pickup in store (Kathmandu). Same as the others, but with a catch: these days, you pay standard shipping costs for pickup. That’s $10, the same as having it delivered. I was lucky that wasn’t the case when I shopped their website mid-year. I bought thermal underwear and ski goggles, which I received in store free of shipping charges. Good for snow and active gear, but overpriced outside of clearance periods.


Pickup may be hassle free but always read the fine print. Some of them are ideal, like Woolworths and Jeanswest, while others could be improved. Click and Collect is also not peculiar to these retailers, as others offer this too, including David Jones, Cotton On, JB Hifi, Coles, and Harvey Norman. Don’t forget to scrutinise their returns policy. Most stores might have at least two weeks, but make sure to get in there quick as they also keep your purchases for up to two weeks. Remember: returns delayed are returns denied.

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