The Last Suffer

This is not a rant.

What would you feel, to have a thorn stuck on your throat?

That thorn has been there all year yet nothing seems to get it unstuck

As Rizal once wrote, ‘Ang lipunan ay may cancer’

Hard to believe that his musings from centuries past

Are still so obvious so relevant today

While my hero contended with womanising stiffs and dodgy friars

I don’t believe he could imagine our world as it stands



I need not rehash what’s wrong with us; it’ll only feed the flames

Those close to me knows what I contend with every. Single. Week.

I’ve tried everything, but it is an itch that would never go away

It is that crap that you could never remove

No matter how long you try pushing it out

It is with you and yet without you

It is the smell of contraband lurking around





Everybody is turning a blind eye

They have the resources, the tardos who can be bought

They have time. Oodles and oodles. Of time.

But these suckers, can they still think?

If they listen, would they comprehend?

Anyone would know that their minds are full of mush

What is unfolding in that thick head of yours?

What’s next?

When you’re wicked you never stop

Your thirst for trouble never satisfied

You are desensitised and in your quest

For more infamy you become but a hollow shell

If every soul has a price, every evil thing has its end.

To quote someone insignificant:

Things we have done. All these will be gone.

Don’t be so sure that you could just fly under the radar forever

The thing that motivates me every second week

Is that you’ve bitten as much as you could chew

Wham! You’re gone





Divine intervention. Does it really help?

They say you’ve got to have faith.

To believe the unbelievable

To bridge the gap

But how many good men have fallen

To seek answers that would never arrive

And no matter how bleak things appear

I still hold out hope that someday somehow somewhere

There’s a time where I could live

In a world free of Eyes







It’s no different to Dante and his vision

Journeying through

We are just passing by

And while inferno might seem endless

There is a day when the sky would brighten up

A day when all the fire and brimstone would dissipate

That time could be sooner than you think

The eyes. They are already showing signs of chinks.

Something is off; something is bugging the eyes.

And it’s something that no amount of exercise

Nor diet could ameliorate

It will feel trouble slowly and painfully

Just the way I like it.





All his empire would collapse the people immobilised

These are the thoughts that sustain me through hell

For what are your millions when you can’t leave the country?

For what are your lands if they are ticking on borrowed time?

You can’t fool The Good forever

Someday, It will bite the hand that feeds it.

You might think that you have all the power

But deep down you’re a powerless samurai

And they’ll put you to the sword

You’ll never see it coming but it will happen

You won’t see the knockout blow before you get hit

No matter how diabolical you are no one would fear you

All your lies, all your bite are just background noise

Did you see the face of that tokmol?

That’s the kind of message you’ll hear when you’re finally famous

You can bring your partner with you. And your entire family and hers.

Because that’s where you’re ending. Together

Banished and bleeding. In God’s time.




This is not really a rant.



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