A new, branded $2 shoe

Yes, you read that right: I got a brand new black G Star pair, in my size, for $2. Of course, it’s a wee bit more complicated than that, as it came down to two bucks AFTER all savings and discounts. The original price was $100, which was then reduced to $70. They had a further 30 percent off, making it $49. However, a promo code online, stacked with the reduction, made it $42. I had two gift cards on hand, hence the $2 price tag.


It sounds unbelievable; given G Star is no garden-variety label. However, sometimes it takes perfect timing and a bit of luck to score a kick-ass deal. If you buy those big name items at full price, you’ll lose out. While you have to be eagle eyed, you likewise have to jump in when the time is ripe; waiting a moment longer may be the difference between nabbing an incredibly wondrous bargain, or cursing your luck.


Actually, I only noticed the black pair the other night. It looked good, but I (wrongly) inferred that it had a synthetic sole. However, the price for the sneakers was exactly the same as yesterday. Last night, I decided to dig deeper, later finding out that the shoe had in fact a rubber sole. What I just learned tonight was it was a contrast light brown sole. Although a little unnerved, I reassured myself that no one bothers with soles. Long as it’s sturdy, it’s not a deal breaker.


Once I noted the shoe’s true sole material, I went to work, entering the promo code, selecting click and collect, and using thestore loyalty, before paying the balance with my bank card. I got a confirmation, with the order number. However, I ran into some trouble as I attempted to close the window on my phone. I resubmitted the form, and was told my order had been cancelled. I rang their support line, and the guy told me it was a system glitch and he couldn’t find my order. I should wait till tonight (Friday) to see if the funds were returned. The loyalty gift card was gone. What a way to end my day!


I ate supper and hoped for the best. After being replenished, I found the loyalty was back on the app. I repeated the transaction; this time I used my other gift card, and got $2 to pay instead. Sometimes when you rush things, they take even longer. Do not lose your cool. Maybe in the long run, God has better plans for you.


Of course, this wasn’t the only deal where it seemed too good to be true. The others though, were more in store than online. If you’re paying for freight (as is often the case), then that just negates your savings. One time, I had my eye on this Henleys jacket. I went back a few times, but it was still the same price. At the fourth visit, I saw the small sized jacket reduced to $20. Upon purchasing said item, I hurriedly left the store, thinking they might take it back. Just last year, there was an even better story, but I’ll leave that experience for a later post. I’ve gotten an olive Riders by Lee short for $22, and more recently, a brown skinny jean for $15. Yet as I said, there’s nothing as astounding as $2: only in Sydney, gentlemen and ladies.

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