‘The 100’

May 2018. This week marks post number one hundred on my site. On this month five years past, I started blogging. Once I regained my voice in August 2016, I tried my best to stick with a weekly posting schedule. What a journey it’s been! Over the last year, I wrote something in 51 out of 52 weeks, or almost without fail.



Of course, there will be detractors. Reaching the century mark wasn’t easy, a process that was years in the making. For every week that I succeeded, there were long months where I didn’t. At times, the consistent blogging endangers writer’s block. Through the silence and growing pains, I am grateful to have reached this milestone. While the accomplishment is one long overdue, the sense of fulfilment is not diminished. Crossing the hundred threshold is a true testament of my diligence over the last year and change. Well, here’s hoping I can keep up this momentum. 





If I were to compare this in a real world setting, this must be what it feels like to reach the PBA’s 5,000-point club. It’s hardly an exclusive group, with more added each season, but regardless, it is a show of resilience and dedication. This does not take away the magnitude of the achievement. As a Filipino cager, you would still need hundreds of games before knocking on that door. Five years, as with my case, is a reasonable timeframe for completion.


In the last half-decade of activity, much has changed. Australia has seen four prime ministers in that span. Instagram has taken over. The North Korean situation has growing hope. Holden cars are no longer Aussie-made. I have finished writing two books.



Endless change

It’s a cliché that ‘The only thing constant is change’. I started at WordPress then bought my own domain. However, this didn’t pan out, and in August 2016, I went back to blogging here. The rest, as they say, is history. The readership and support has ebbed and flowed, but I remain committed. Personally, I would love nothing more than barnstorming the globe, sharing my wanderlust, and discovering a new place every week. Things don’t always turn out the way we wanted though. Instead, I’ll just charm you with my vocabulary, throw in a few pics, and humour you as well.


Up, up, and away!

From today, my total number of posts has hit triple digits. With one flick of the wrist, double nine becomes one, zip, zip. I wish there was more to my stories, but I am a realist. Remember the UP movie? They dreamed of traversing South America (‘It’s like America but south’). They saved all they could, but they had to constantly break the piggy bank for various reasons. When Ellie passed away, Carl expected their scrapbook to be bare. He was as surprised as anybody to find all of their memories through the years to be treasured forever.


To more 100’s

This is not the fable of a dog with a bone staring at itself in the river. As Jason Bourne said, ‘This is real.’ 100 posts is only as bona fide as 5,000 career points. Just as ballers use their post moves and kamikaze drives for offence, I use my tools for blogging. Research, ideas, and a voice envelop my every story. Whether it’s reviews, poems, travels, my prior works, movies, books, or flashbacks, I am here to share and to gain your continued support. Together we’ll make the next few hundred just as memorable as scaling this initial plateau. Yes, we’ll roll like The Simpsons.





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