10 things in 10 years

What did you want in 2008? If this were a bank ad, a cute little kiddo would answer, ‘A bike with pedals!’ When asked about what we really want, we’d all be stumped. No matter how much you maximise the present, you can’t run away from your past. So allow me to pluck a few things from then, if only to show how much has progressed.


  1. Dream Catch Me (Newton Faulkner) was a ubiquitous song in Oz. I remember hearing this receiving a little airplay round the country. When you turned on the TV, it was there. These days I’ve lost track of what’s trending in the music scene.
  2. I created this Facebook account. In the early days, I had little interest for FB and rarely posted. I had few connections when I joined. Now I have over a hundred, and the posts keep coming. Social media has changed the way we live.
  3. I watched Home and Away every weeknight. In spite of my hectic schedule, I made it a habit of catching Home and Away each evening. My entire night routine was predicated on viewing the unmissable soapie. Nowadays, even if my primetime schedule is wide open, I’ve long outgrown the teen drama.
  4. Speaking of TV, the programming has evolved from analog to digital. While there were only a few channels before, the advent of Freeview has ensured more content, more shows, and more options. With streaming technology, set top boxes, and cable TV, 2008 seems like the Stone Age.
  5. Before, I ‘hyperextended’ my left hand after too much writing on paper. My original manuscripts were rather confounding but effective regardless. These works were more mind maps than documents, but I got the job done. The advancement in labour was from manual then to electronic now. These days, I still write on paper but nowhere as much as before. Everything is computerised, so you could save those callouses for later. I remember my mentor telling me a while back to keep all my handwritten manuscripts. He mentioned Camus and how his originals became priceless artefacts. Hopefully, my essay drafts would also fetch galleons.
  6. I got hit with a plagiarism case that year. My tutor and my convenor were convinced that I stole my ideas for the final essay. I was outraged, especially since this occurred during exam period. In the end, I explained my side, showed them evidence of my aptitude, and won my case. In 2018, the idea of me plagiarising anything is preposterous.
  7. Grisham was my fave author. I read a few books that year, finding the time between study, commute, entertainment, and sports. Thinking back, I am nostalgic on how I was able to get things done under time pressure. Nowadays, Grisham is still a fave, but as I’ve outlined, I’ve come to appreciate the talents of other novelists.
  8. The best movie I saw was Slumdog Millionaire. I remember it was summer that year; I invited an old friend to the movies, having not seen her in some time. This year, Black Panther is the best film I’ve seen thus far. Ten years apart, same zest for motion pictures, different front-runner.
  9. I borrowed lots of DVD’s. Back then the video shop was still going strong. There’s nothing like renting a movie, popping it onto the player, and relaxing with a glass of cranberry juice lol. I think browsing the video shop a little was the reason my time was divided. There was so much to see, so many new releases, action blockbusters, and even foreign films. It was a movie buff’s haven. I grew up on DVD lane. Before the Internet was in danger of swamping the store, I exploited it for all I could. Quick aside: I know someone who still buys and borrows DVDs. I told him he’s a rare bird for patronising the lost art. Kind of like the mid range kings in the NBA, where all their peers have embraced the three point shot. These days video shops have shrunk to kiosks.
  10. Then and now, the NBA’s Boston Celtics are my favourite sports club. In 2008, the additions of Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen transformed the C’s overnight, culminating with a Finals victory over their perennial rivals, the LA Lakers. Allen was my favourite player then, with his outside sniping and late game heroics. This year, I love the play of Jason Tatum. He has incredible poise and b-ball smarts for a rookie, and has a sky-high ceiling. As can be seen, not everything has changed, right?



So there you have it: ten things in ten years. Passions, technology, likes, manuscripts, books, movies, tutors, and music. A lot can shift in a decade, so maximise when you can, because a day later might be one day too late.

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