Incredibles 2 Reviewed

This weekend has been full on. Yesterday Nick and I saw Incredibles at the cinema; the sequel was really impressive. Then we had dinner at a resto, where my friend tried something different. Upon heading back, I watched the Socceroos lose to France in a nail- biting opener at the World Cup. Then this morning I went to Mass, did some shopping, and brought home Portuguese and Viet food for lunch.



The Filmmaker
What’s more: this blog post is all due…today. I must not procrastinate another day. This movie was released 14 years since the original. The latter was well loved, a fresh take on the family blockbuster. There were laughs, huge action sequences, and groundbreaking special effects. This was director Brad bird’s breakthrough film, and he has continued to amaze us over the years. When I asked Nick if he saw Brad’s other movies, he mentioned Mission Impossible 4 and Ratatouille, both of which I’ve seen. He also brought up The Iron Giant, a movie I only came across while browsing Wikipedia. I was doing some research on The Incredibles, as I needed ‘a refresher’.




This instalment takes off where the original left off, a family of superheroes who try to blend in while fighting the baddies. This time, the odds are against them, as they fight a slippery foe. Elastigirl gets a new job while Mr Incredible/Bob Parr, is left at home to look after the kids. The former has super days and saves the town, all in a cool electric bike. Meanwhile, her now houseband is relegated to helping with Dash’s homework and dealing with Violet’s teen issues. They discover even more superpowers, from an unlikely candidate. Bob is left burned out as he explains to the kids why they can’t use their superpowers to find crime as a family. He is also super tired from babysitting the hyper kids. Apparently, decades later, they changed Math. Along the way he will find familiar friends lending a helping hand. While the faces change, the desire to save the city continues. This last outing is their toughest one yet, but there will always be one or more Incredibles who will follow through, and seize the day.




Humanising superheroes
The movie clocks in at 2hr5min, which is a bit long for a family film, but more than makes up for it with lots of humour and top flight animation. Asked of his opinion after the film, Nick told me that ‘The first one was more action than humour. This time there was more humour and less action.’ Hard to believe, but this is the first full length animation feature I’ve watched all year. Much like the first one, the film sure humanises superheroes. We witness their flaws, struggles, bulging waistlines, and family life. We behold their infighting, hopes, dramas, and empathise with them. Although they are superhuman, they are fathers, mothers, and brethren like us. Being Mr Incredible does not preclude you.


This production has received glowing reviews, and is certified fresh on Rotten; hardly surprising, given the long history of Pixar success stories. Many reviewers have purported that, while really good, the sequel does not match the original. While this may be true, we must appreciate Incredibles 2 for its own merits: a funny, well-acted visual pleasure that was well worth the long wait.








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