‘The Bubble Boy’



Why is it that I feel like the bubble boy sometimes? So many don’ts, I actually feel as though duct tape holds me together. However, if you think that I’ll give you a shopping list of everything I cannot have, then you’re wrong. This is not a post about my shortcomings, but about just one in particular. That’s junk food.


Doughnut boy

I’ve been consuming junk since I was a boy. I always loved my Macca’s and KFC, Pizza Hut and doughnuts. This became Jollibee and Chowking and Greenwich and Dunkin’ Donuts. It was the perfect way to unwind after a long day at school. Don’t get me wrong. I did not eat junk every school day, but I sure had my share. Even until a few weeks ago, I was still consuming my burgers and chips. Who would say no to a Big Mac, right?

I was seeing though the detrimental effects junk was having on me. These were the foods I had to avoid. If you were to weigh the pros and cons, it was a no-brainer. I’ve heard many a story of the negative impact of those burgers and fried chooks. Nobody seemed to care that their premium chickens were raised bumper to bumper on the barn. Nobody bothered to ask where these ‘ethically sourced’ angus beef came from. No one gave a rats about how their burgers weren’t even pure beef patties. Next time you go to a burger joint, ask yourself: where is this sumptuous dinner coming from?



Art and life

All you have to know about the perils of junk food is one look at Morgan Spurlock’s Supersize Me. The doco chronicles how Spurlock, a perfectly healthy man, went from having average weight and enviable blood test results, to being overweight and dangerously unhealthy. This was after one month of eating purely junk food, and supersizing his Macca’s meals whenever he was asked at the counter. It was a dark look at the health crisis in America, although this could be the case in any Western country. While these TV shows and films are a captivating watch, we should not just treat them as generic public announcements, but as springboards to healthier lifestyles.


Goodbye, chips

As it stands, I have totally eradicated hot and other processed chips from my diet. This has done wonders to my overall well being. Even if I’m tempted to munch on a chip, I manage to stop short of crunching it. Life without chips sure is boring, but it is one I’d rather have right now. I know people would agree that it satisfies cravings, but the pitfalls of chips is well documented. From being deep fried to being totally lacking in any health benefits, now you should think twice before devouring those potato thins. 




I’m halfway there

As for other junk, I’ve done a nice job of limiting my consumption. I’m not going to list em one by one but I’ve made giant strides. Guess what? The junk food detox has helped me in many ways. I can never be a vegetarian, but being anti junk is a ‘Great Leap Forward’. Obviously, hot chips would be nice together with whoppers and iced cola. I’ve enjoyed that life for decades so it is high time to live healthier. As I avoided the sugar and the fats, I’ve had a clearer head. At first, it was impossibly difficult, but now it just comes naturally. I couldn’t stand the first few weeks, it was a nightmare. But guess what? Now I don’t long for a chip, and the soft drink bingeing is a thing of the past. Here at Mot Juste, we value healthy living.  

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