9/11: an artefact




This is a letter I penned to then-US President George W. Bush as part of a class activity ages ago. 9/11 had just shocked the world, and the terrorists braced for the full might of the US military. Back then, Bush was a popular world leader. This was my solicited in-class response to the burgeoning War on Terror, presented here as we near another anniversary. We were given an hour’s time to pen our reaction. I remember this exercise like it happened yesterday since this was one of my all time favourite classes. Writing activities like this gave me a chance to grow, and it was a lovely treat to salvage this item from my old stuff.


George W. Bush

Washington D.C.



Dear Mr. President,

The world has been shocked about your country’s counter attack on the Afghan land. We all know that this will be another cause for a great incoming destruction. But we also know that this is your country’s revenge on the September 11 terrorist attacks. The terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City caused great death and left the city and your country’s economy in damage and destruction. Your people had just experienced the worst terrorist attacks in their land. But we don’t exactly know the main reason behind this. It can maybe be the result of our unfaithfulness or God’s sign to us to become more religious. As devoted Christians, we should use the more peaceful and Christian ways in order to achieve justice and peace. This is the ways we should use because it could not make situations worse. The Philippines, one of your country’s longtime allies could help you in this means. The Philippines could help you peacefully by not harming any Afghan civilian but yet achieving justice. The country is praying to God to stop the terrorists from doing wrong and enlighten their minds with (sic) pittiness and love. I hope you should read and understand the main theme of this letter, for peace and moderation, not war and not revenge.

A concerned student,

Christopher O.



Marker’s comments: ’10/10. Comprehensively done’


(As a side note, my aunt and uncle were able to visit the Towers on the Saturday before the attacks. Lucky couple. Note: this bit is not part of the original, handwritten letter) 




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