For the first time since June, we have a long weekend in Sydney. On June is the Queen’s Birthday public holiday across New South Wales. Different states celebrate this holiday on various dates. I watched House with Clock during the week, which was an okay movie with mostly average reviews. Yesterday, I went home to pick up some stuff, among other things. I’ve been away from home for now. We had some trouble on the way back and our trip was delayed. Today I attended the 9am Mass, unusual since I always go to the Saturday night version. After Mass we went to Rhodes to do some shopping, get things done, and had a light lunch. So I’ve been out two of the three free days. I’m not sure if I’ll be out again tomorrow, but should I leave, I already have an itinerary. 



The 9am Mass is a challenge. Saturday nights are more convenient, as you’re not in a rush. The late start definitely helps. However, for now, I am away from my old suburb. I always eat breakfast. Today I woke up before 7am but got to the Church just in time. I had to squeeze in the shower and getting ready, something that isn’t an issue with the evening Mass.



Mixed feelings

I’ve neglected my borrowed books in favour of going out. I have two Connelly’s and one junior fiction book, which an Indian ‘friend’ recommended. I’m three quarters through The Closers, so I have a ways to go. The weekend has brought mixed feelings. There were good moments and not so good news. I received a gift while waiting for the train this morning. Later today, I saw someone’s true colours after a simple phone call. Compatriots should look out for each other. Sadly, in real life, that’s not the case. I also flicked someone an email. Sending an impassioned message never felt more gratifying. 


Recharger bunny

I could have watched another movie this weekend, but the current film lineup dampened my interest. I wouldn’t bother with Johnny English OR Ladies in Black OR Smallfoot. I’ve seen three films in the past month: Crazy Rich, Christopher Robin, and House. The next wave of blockbusters should be released this month. At the end of the day we should not be afraid to try new things. Our next move would never be as tough as the first steps on the moon. I remember a direct line from William Forrester’s made-up novel, The Avalon Landing. To quote Jamal Wallace: ‘The rest of those who have gone before us cannot unsteady the unrest of those to follow’. Go figure. Or how about my new favourite, Harry Bosch? ‘Everyone counts or nobody counts’. The good thing about the long weekend is that we can recharge our batteries, have some fun, and be prepared for the next scene. 


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