The mum post


Over the past few years, there has been at least one occasion on my blog where I paused and paid tribute to all the indispensable mums out there. I thought the time was right for an encore, today being Mother’s Day and all. These are a few reasons as to why mothers are irreplaceable; ‘let us count the ways.’


Role models and gurus

They are our first role models. Prior to the age of housebands, mums were traditionally the one who spent more time with the kids. Whether biological or foster, grandparents or same old, aunt and stepmoms, they play huge roles in our upbringing. Whether tough love or gentle love, they always show us the way.


They are our first teachers. They help us through the baby steps until we could manage on our own. From rudimentary crayons and pencils, their prowess enables us to graduate onto bigger things. Not only do they guide us on how to paint; they are likewise our maths tutor, English professor, Science mentor, and Debating Club proof-reader. They are the masters of multitasking, and no challenge is too tall for them.




Giants and dreams

They support our dreams. From the get-go, they are our biggest coach, our most fervent supporter. They plant the seeds of our ambitions and never fail to guide us and pick us up after every fall. They cheer us on during soccer matches, taste our defeats during chess tourneys, even give us tips for drama class. Our success is theirs, and no one is more elated each time we win. Conversely, when things go bad, no one understands our pain more. No one is more willing to break down our missteps.


We ‘stand on the shoulders of giants.’ As mentioned earlier, their prowess enables us…This applies not only to our dreams, but also to our decisions. They show us how to make the right decisions, and we stand on their shoulders to fully see. As we become more seasoned, we are able to make these choices ourselves, something that wouldn’t have been possible without their help.





Names and firsts

They could be even more: our first cook, seamstress, barber. We learn many recipes from her. Meanwhile, I’ve spoken to a few people around and many have said that their mums used to cut their hair. The mother is the epitome of the home, the veritable homemaker. Her presence brings light into most houses, her resolve steadies an unruly ship. She acts as a nurse and cares for the household. Her positivity is infectious, her work ethic contagious. The same applies regardless of setting: whether in a shack or mansion, a shantytown or Beverly Hills, mothers are the one beacon that is truly imperative.


There are many ways to call her. From mum to mummy to mama, we all have our own endearments. These labels may change from country to country, nation to nation, even region to region. However, that doesn’t remove what the name connotes: a pivotal figure who teaches us many things, who care for us deeply, who corrects our mistakes, who show us the ways of living. Think of it as a framework for our betterment.



The role of mothers may have changed over the years. Feminism, women’s rights, and gender equality have all made their mark. Women are not only in the workforce, but in some cases, are on equal footing than men. Sporting events have awarded self-same prize money between men and women combatants, even though the former have a more arduous path to the title. Female artists are having more voices, even the power to decide Oscar winners. Yet while change is inevitable, some things never do in our hearts. Despite school, friends, college degrees, work, and our own families, we will remain the clumsy little kids who yearn to be in mum’s good graces.

From my heart of my hearts, I wish these one-of-a-kind women a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!





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