Sweet, cuddly canines

A few years ago, a family member chanced upon this adorable picture book. Featuring over ninety stills of man’s best friend, the title is the perfect pick-me-up. The following is the book’s blurb:

‘Ears flapping, eyes wide and nose twitching: a dog hanging out of a window is a spectacular sight. Capturing these moments of delight and canine curiosity, this book is an anthology of beautiful photographs of man’s best friend in motion. Dogs of all shapes and sizes from all over the world, majestically alert and gazing triumphantly towards the horizon. Whether cute, powerful, uplifting or heart-warming, these striking images stir up the emotions of joy we feel towards our loveable companions.

In over ninety-five stunning portraits, this collection showcases some of the best and most vibrant pet photography from around the globe.’

For this post, I’ll emphasise images instead of plain text.

Tibetan terrier

‘Nicknamed ‘Holy Dogs’ or ‘Luck Bringers’ they chaperoned Buddhist monks in Tibet. A medium-sized pooch, they have a shaggy coat, an amiable nature, and are powerful.

Tibetan terrier

Shi Tzu

Chinese for ‘lion dog’. Reared to resemble oriental lions. Known for their flamboyant hairstyles.

Bernese mountain dog

A dainty and kind canine. Originated from Berne, Switzerland. They have a tricoloured, double-coat, and a relatively short life span of 7-8 years.

Border Collie

‘Sporty pooches with a herding instinct. They are known for being energetic, their active lifestyle, and considerable wits. They are considered one of the smartest domestic dogs. They live up to seventeen years, but the mean is closer to twelve.

Border Terriers

These cheerful dogs are high-energy. They are small and have a rough coat. Average life span is fourteen years.

West Highland White Terrier

‘Westies’ are the pale iterations of the ‘Scottie’ canine, having been round since the 1500s. They are living the high life.

Golden Retriever

This breed was pioneered by Lord Tweedmouth. As one of the most popular canines in the US, Australia, and others, they also enjoy playing fetch. Life span is between ten to twelve years. Though fun-loving, the breed is also highly trainable.

Chihuahua mix

These critters love holing up into their safe places. They take their appellation from Chihuahua, the Mexican state. They are usually the smallest canine recognised by kennel clubs. They average around twelve to twenty years of service.


The pampered ones. Cute and cuddly, perfect for dog grooming. The national dog of France.


The puppy that once ate my friend’s Subway lunch. See also: my post titled ‘A dog’s (healthy) lunch.’ They are a cross between a Labrador and a poodle. An Australian, Wally Conron, has been credited with naming the breed.

German Shepherd

The utilitarian speed daemon. As the name suggests, they hailed from Germany. Started out purely as a herding dog but metamorphosed into the preferred choice for a working dog. Lifespan is 9-13 years.


Brave, sociable, and intelligent. A natural-born hunter, he sticks out his tail when actively trailing a scent. Snoopy is a prime example.

Wire haired dachshund

Bushy eyebrows plus a beard make this canine a wise-looking pal. Albeit having short legs, they have a big personality.

Yorkshire terrier

A most popular lapdog breed, their small stature belies their huge personality and spark. They represent one of the most compact terriers around. The ideal maximum size is 3.2 kilograms. They trace their origins from Yorkshire, England.

Griffon Nivernais

‘One of the oldest French hunting dogs’. Medium-sized, with a rough coat, long ears, and tail. Has been described as daring and independent.


Has a long and fluffy outer coat, with a soft and dense undercoat, making the Pomeranian the dog lover’s favourite playground. While chomping on my burger and fries, a Pomeranian once eyed my meal greedily.


A ‘gentle giant.’ Despite their bulk, they have a very sweet disposition, are loyal to a fault, and are super with the little ones. Nana, from Peter Pan, exhibited all these traits. Originally bred in Newfoundland, Canada by fishermen.

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