My New Year’s Resolution

The calendar has ticked forward and the year now reads 2023. That means out with the old and in with the new. Having a New Year’s resolution is a familiar path for those yearning to change. I remember Charles Oakley, one of the nineties’s toughest big men, admitting that he tried to eat less junk food to stay in shape for 2003. Meanwhile, his Washington teammate, Michael Jordan, said he had no NY resolution as he can’t keep them after the third day. This is an extreme contrast, especially since they suited up together.

Twenty twenty-three

So you might be wondering what is yours truly’s 2023 resolution. It’s a simple one: limiting my online orders. When I say orders, this includes clothing, books, CD’s, accessories, and food delivery. Moreover, this encompasses titles to be collected at the repository. I have a lot of stuff already. My winter wardrobe is stacked and so are my summer choices. I could honestly say that I don’t need another jumper or t-shirt. My closet is overflowing with socks. I have many branded items and no frills garments from Kmart, Big W, and Target. Granted, they may not all be of the right fit. I’m not the type though who offloads a lot of stuff. In effect, the purchases keep adding up.

The easy way

Online shopping is an easy habit. I admit that it’s a lot more undemanding than reading a paperback or even streaming Netflix in my downtime. It’s day and night compared to writing and editing a book. My sister told me that it’s becoming a disease. I’ve been caught up in the process of buying and thus, collecting. I see something nice. It’s not even cheap and I want to pull the trigger. My mum says that I’m not a smart buyer. She reasons that other people have two winter jackets and that’s it. I’m in an endless loop of addition.

I regularly check Ozbargain to see what’s the latest deal. Indeed, I spend less time reading the news than scrolling through that site. Aside from the deals, their forum section is also enlightening. Occasionally, I’d also check the sister site, couponese, for any unreal coupon codes, including Domino’s.

Holiday Cheer

Consider the last few items I’ve bought. During Black Friday, I purchased Rodd and Gunn sneakers and a leather kit from Myer. I ordered twice from Catch and returned one of them. I nabbed some items from this health store. To top it off, I bought a new iPad cover from Officeworks. My mum admitted that my old cover was still very serviceable and gave it an eight out of ten. Fast forward to the holidays. On Christmas Eve, I got these clearance Mitch Dowd PJ’s from Myer. Thank goodness it was the right size. Subsequently, I got this wallet from Strandbags. I’ve used my old one for about fourteen years. Again, mum said that it was still in tip top shape. The other wallets that she saw were much more worn. Regardless, they still used them. See also: On rewards programs in Australia (previous post). I also bought two soundtracks from JB Hifi. I got more Mitch Dowd pj’s.

I admit that I saved a bit from these purchases. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have nabbed them. Still, the fact remains that I have PJs, I got more than enough CDs, and my wallet was still good to go. Any smart buyer would have a hard think before spending their $$$. To be honest, these are not big ticket items. I’m not grabbing a car, or white goods, even a new 4K TV. I didn’t pay for a brand new Alienware laptop or a gaming console. Right now, my prodigal ways do not extend to that front.

The Hoarder and the have-nots

My mum says I’m collecting shoes. My sister says I’m hoarding. Going to the store or library for order pickups seem like a lot of trouble, especially since I have more than enough. So now I’m going to draw a line in the sand. Instead of collecting branded items, now is the time to hold my horses. This spending spree is not a sustainable lifestyle. When I put it that way, I think of the Great Depression in the US. I likewise ponder the shots of malnourished kids in Life magazine. There are people out there who are really having it tough. They can’t afford Crumpler bags or Lacoste trainers. They never ordered a combo meal online. They do not rock up in a Tommy tee or a Superdry rugby shirt. Yet, despite having little, they seem content with their situation. If you never knew anything better, there’s no reference to compare.

My parents and my only sibling have long urged me to taper down on the online orders. My sister has even gone so far as to tell me not to look at clothes any more. This, she says, is so I wouldn’t be tempted. I admit that it’s not easy. My mind has been conditioned to check these websites, to ogle Ozbargain, and make finds. In a way, my sis is right: it’s a malady. Perhaps I should attend some Online Shoppers’s Anonymous. ‘Hello everyone, I’m Topher and I’m a deal junkie.’ I admit that I may not be able to totally stop shopping. However, I’ll try to restrict my purchases. Since the NY, I’ve ordered food a few times and I’ve bought the Mitch Dowd sleepwear. I’ll try a little more to keep my spending in check.

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