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‘Straight from the Heart’

This week’s post will be a bit more personal. I’m going to relate the story of my peerless Ninang, Auntie Oye. I first met her when I was three. Ninang and my late uncle stayed with us as they were … Continue reading

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The Black Phone (2021) reviewed

Last week, Netflix Oz had a AAA addition to its lineup. The Black Phone was one of 2021’s most popular blockbusters. This was Ethan Hawke’s villain debut. He only appeared after about a third of the movie. His presence though … Continue reading

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‘Paklang-er’ aka Stalk Lady

Many moons ago, I mentioned how I hung out at Hunter Connection in Wynyard. (See also: my Hunter post from 2021). They have a nice selection of cuisines and are strategically located next to my chiropractor. However, sometimes, we get … Continue reading

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The Heat Check

Some of you might be wondering about the title. This is a term most commonly associated with basketball. You might suggest that this implies a body temp check or an evaluation of the arena’s mercury. You’re wrong. A heat check … Continue reading

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