You (season four) reviewed

The fourth season of You was one of this year’s most anticipated releases. As is usual these days for Netflix’s premier shows, the current series was divided into two parts. Part one landed on 9 February, with part two releasing exactly a month later. The first set ended on a hell of a cliffhanger, setting up the stage for the remaining eps. Joe is now Professor Jonathan Moore. Perhaps Matthew Broderick was imprecise when he said in Election that New York is the place to be when you’ve lost everything. In Jonathan’s case, London is more like it.

The Old World

After escaping the mess he left in LA, Joe heads to Europe. He is hell bent on finding Marienne, who now lives in Paris. He tutors a small group of uni students. He also spies on his neighbour, Kate, who is initially dismissive of him. When her fiancée suddenly ghosts her, Kate gradually warms up to Joe. Meanwhile, Joe hangs out with Kate and her friends, all rich and spoiled pricks. This is rather similar to his former LA situation, where he mingles with stuck up rich mums. At the onset, the clique does not welcome him as he is merely a professor. He doesn’t travel the world in private jets, dine at the fanciest restaurants, or own the dopest wheels.

New beau

This time, there’s no Love Quinn and child. Instead, Kate is the new object of his affection. Initially, he has trouble winning her over. She has a complicated situation. As it turns out, she is richer than he first thought. Indeed, she is the wealthiest among her clique of filthy rich pals. She also has a strained relationship with her dad, who Greg Kinnear plays. She would be mistaken in thinking that she is all set, as her dad had a hand in every step of her good fortune. He famously says ‘I own everyone I need, including you’.

‘The Bay Harbor Butcher‘


As a serial killer, Joe continues his rampage. His lust for killing is insatiable. To some extent, he reminds me of Dexter Morgan. He tried to balance his relationships and work with his bloodlust. He’s likewise impeccably efficient, expertly manipulating people and doctoring crime scenes to stay out of trouble. Like most serial killers, he meticulously plans his slayings. This enables him to get out of tight spots. He shows no mercy, both for victim and spectator. Finally, he dismembers corpses like it’s just another day at the office.

Smartest in class

As with earlier seasons, the show’s writers have a penchant for delivering puns and humour. The posh British accents add colour to the drama. Every episode is about the right length, sitting near forty minutes. The utilisation of an Indian restaurant was superb, as was the shrewd Nadia. The latter is played by Amy Hickman. She is his smartest student, always with a book in hand. Nadia has a fierce rivalry with fellow high achiever, Edward. Joe correctly predicts that they would end up together. Nadia is smart enough to figure out Joe’s true colours. That, however, might not necessarily a good thang. When Marienne reads her daughter a story, it brought me back to when my Dad would read us Childcraft stories.

The season also sees the return of the glass cage. Who will be trapped? Will they be able to finagle out of Dodge? Will they marshall the assistance they require to depart in one piece? Upon seeing the latest eps, the cage reminded me of the one in The OA. Shame though that the latter was cancelled.


The inclusion of Rhys as the voice of reason adds another touch to You. Based on a true dreamer, he quietly becomes Joe’s conscience. Sometimes, reality and fantasy become blurred. Through some devious manoeuvres, we begin to doubt if Joe is really the perp. Aside from Kinnear’s character, Adam is another Yankee expat. He falls for Phoebe, only she doesn’t know the full extent of his money woes. He secretly has a guilty pleasure. I had to smile when Adam gave her a string of twine as an engagement ring.

Binge watching

You’s fourth iteration has received rave reviews from critics. While pundits question the show’s believability, Penn Badgeley’s dedicated performance leaves fans longing for more. You have to give the writers credit. They reset the series by featuring practically a new cast of characters, much like in season two. Only Joe and Marienne were the holdovers. In its fourth edition, You remains a critics’s and crowd darling. Though not a Netflix original, the show’s relocation to the platform has seen it consistently topping the charts. Even now, nine days post release, the show remains number one on Netflix Australia. Despite fresh faces, new storylines, and a relocation to the Old World, You remains a strong option for those who need to binge watch. In case you’re wondering, the fifth season has yet to be green-lit. With the public’s eager response, the renewal seems like a shoo-in.

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