The (not so) Secret life of Pets

What animals make the best/worst pets?

Not surprisingly, I believe that dogs make the best pets. I’m sure many others would agree with me. Canines have been known as ‘man’s best friend’. They are incredibly loyal and empathetic, come in all shapes and breeds, and could be trained. Their abundance of sizes cater to people of various backgrounds. They have a long lifespan as opposed to other domesticated critters. Unlike cats, they (mostly) behave when it comes to meals. Furthermore, the majority of them are low maintenance.

Cats and Dogs

An acquaintance once told me that he had to housesit his friend’s house and feed their cat. I told him that cats aren’t that useful. I guess the cat was fit for their purposes. As I mentioned some time ago, I grew up with pooches all around me. I never had an issue with any of them. Even when I went to vacay with my Ninang in Sorsogon, I took to her dogs. While we had three canines, my Ninang had about twenty. She loved each of them and treated them equally.

A dog’s world

Dogs are among the cleverest of animals. Their sense of smell has made them favourites at the airport. I remember once seeing a canine flush their toilet. I read that one owner has taught his dog five hundred words. Dogs are also the preferred guides for disabled people, including the blind. For a considerable number of breeds, swimming comes naturally. Some dogs, like the border collie, are known for herding cattle.

I watched this current affairs show. People have been complaining about this evil guy. Apparently, he wasn’t very reasonable. While being interviewed, he had this thin dog hanging around him. I thought that only his dog cared for him. It’s good that, despite his nature, his pet wasn’t snubbing him.

Dog years are different from human years. You can’t expect a dog to outlive an average child. They age quicker and have similar maladies as humans. Their body organs bear some similarity to humans. However, we stand upright while they walk on all fours. Obviously, we are the apex of earth dwellers. However, while not as smart, dogs function as a good complement to us.

Dogs have a long history with humankind. For instance, the chihuahua was spotted in ancient Mexico. They have likewise been featured on TV and film. Notable film franchises include Taken, Beethoven, and 101 Dalmatians. Marley and Me is another notable title. Many civilisations have flourished with the big help of a furry pooch.

Feeding your Pet iguana

Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, is the pet iguana. They are big lizards of the gecko variety. Some people actually think that they make good pets. They’re wrong. Iguanas are very territorial. If they misconstrue your intents, chances are, you’ll get hurt. They also need a big enclosure, contingent on their size. A hungry iguana is a difficult iguana. You ought to remember that. Thus, you can’t afford to skip their meals, lest they turn into the Incredible Hulk.

You must maintain your distance, even when cleaning their cage. They have razor sharp teeth. The slightest movement of your pinkie can set them off. Since this is the case, one must weigh the pros and cons of owning an iguana. Yes, they’re exotic but you can’t cuddle them. They are belligerent by nature. In short, they’re an expensive experiment that yields little benefit. To be honest, I couldn’t think of a worse pet. They’re just like a mini crocodile: high maintenance with little value.

Pets come and pets go. They deserve every bit of TLC. They see happiness in small measures. Unlike humans, they don’t need a Hermes bag. Indeed, I saw a show some time ago. Apparently, there are more French pets among their youth than better halves. Since they could be picky, they treat their pets just like their hypothetical hubbies. When their critters pass away, it’s like they’ve lost their spouses. This might be an extreme example, but it shows the consequence and magnitude of a beloved pet. So let’s give these critters all the credit they’re due. They would light up your days.

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