A Mother’s Day Poem

Her presence is calming, her example inspiring

She will love her children come what may

Teaching and nurturing them is her mission

Adulthood, adolescence, or childhood

She’s a constant in your heart

Whether you’re sixteen or sixty one

Beside her or half a world away

She’s always thinking of you

Preschool, primary school; kindergarten or a double degree

She was your first teacher

Taught you how to eat, how to write, how to behave

She’ll defend you in your darkest hour and create your brightest dawn

Performing her duties is sure not easy

Yet seeing her kids grow into titans

Could be a parent’s most rewarding legacy of all

Young or old, tall or short, a genius or a commoner

We should give our mothers their due

They brought us into this world

They enabled our successes

Many have come before us and oodles will follow

There can only be one

For that we should be grateful

Others have not been as fortunate

Should you have both of your parents,

Make the most of it

Time ‘is a fickle friend’ after all

Tomorrow is a glorious day

Without night there’s no day

Without darkness, no light

Hold on to your memories and treasure your family

The most crucial lessons are often learned in your house

The mother is the light of the home

Every day is a blessing that God gave us

Get the most of your family

Make haste while the sun shines

You don’t have to look far; the answer is beside you

Reminisce the days of yore

There was never a dull memory

Strike a balance between work and play

So many words to describe her

Such a rosy exemplar

Nothing could encapsulate the good she’s done for us

Do good always to your mother

Never make her sad

She adores you like a rare diamond

All our mums ever do, all they ever achieve, is for us

They set the stage so we can reach our dreams

They jumpstarted the odyssey of our lives

Your lessons and advice: worry not as they will be with us

You supported us through thick and thin

You versed us in the ways of the world

You’ve always made our lives easier and fuller

So for all your goodness, ‘There’s no home like a mum’

To all the mothers, grandmothers, and mother figures, I would like to wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day. May you continue to educate, encourage, and inspire.

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