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Alice in Borderland (2020) reviewed

These past few weeks, Squid Game has been the series everyone’s talking about. The Korean thriller sat atop Netflix (NF) libraries around the world. Only last week, with the arrival of You’s third season, was the show supplanted from its … Continue reading

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Royal Botanic Gardens: ‘A Walk to Remember’

I remember visiting the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney with the family. My Dad had been there before, but he was looking forward to another day trip. This was the first such foray for the rest of us. The 30-hectare botanic … Continue reading

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Nomadland (2020) reviewed

On the verge of the October long weekend, I watched the Nomadland DVD. I had already read and reviewed the original book which formed the basis for the flick. The film version was perhaps the most acclaimed of the past year. It … Continue reading

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The Aussie battlers

I’ve been watching this TV series on free-to-air. The show deals with a group of adults who struggle with mundane daily tasks. Apparently, these people have rudimentary literacy skills, an issue that affects more Aussies than we think. Overall, though, … Continue reading

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August-September (2021) reads

September has almost gone and now it’s time to compile my reads for the last two months. Since my prior list, I have finished four more books. Jane Harper’s The Dry (2016) was the first to be completed. A gripping tale of … Continue reading

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Sydney’s historic Hyde Park

Hyde Park, Sydney is a large urban park located in the city’s central business district. The Park covers two blocks (16.2 hectares) and is the oldest such parkland in the country. The Park was built between 1810 and 1927. City … Continue reading

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9/11: Twenty years on

9/11/2001 On this day twenty years past, Al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked two airplanes that struck the twin towers late that morning. This was the most brazen and the worst terror attack ever in history. Pictures of the crumbling towers dominated the … Continue reading

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In honour of my father

Today, 5 September, marks Father’s Day in Australia. Unlike other countries such as the US and the UK, our celebration falls on the first Sunday of September. For most of us, our dads fill an important role in our lives. … Continue reading

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Player profile: Jordan Clarkson

Jordan Clarkson (born 7 June 1992) is a Filipino-American combo guard for the NBA’s Utah Jazz franchise. He had a two-year college stint with Tulsa and transferred to Missouri, earning second team all-state in his lone year there. He decided … Continue reading

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Sydney Lockdown NON-essentials

‘To be necessary, or not, that is the question.’ Sydney, Australia has been in lockdown since 26 June. Despite the heavy restrictions (including mandatory wearing of masks), the past two days has seen the state’s local cases eclipse eight hundred. … Continue reading

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