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Some people say that plot drives the story while others single out description or dialogue. With my fiction, I’ve always impressed the consequence of characters. A memorable name may impact the story much more than witty conversation. So far, in … Continue reading

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You (season four) reviewed

The fourth season of You was one of this year’s most anticipated releases. As is usual these days for Netflix’s premier shows, the current series was divided into two parts. Part one landed on 9 February, with part two releasing … Continue reading

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The tradition of intentionally fouling a poor free throw shooter has been around for ages. Since the sixties, most big men have not been accurate from the charity stripe. While they can throw their weight and dominate inside, converting free … Continue reading

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‘Straight from the Heart’

This week’s post will be a bit more personal. I’m going to relate the story of my peerless Ninang, Auntie Oye. I first met her when I was three. Ninang and my late uncle stayed with us as they were … Continue reading

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The Black Phone (2021) reviewed

Last week, Netflix Oz had a AAA addition to its lineup. The Black Phone was one of 2021’s most popular blockbusters. This was Ethan Hawke’s villain debut. He only appeared after about a third of the movie. His presence though … Continue reading

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‘Paklang-er’ aka Stalk Lady

Many moons ago, I mentioned how I hung out at Hunter Connection in Wynyard. (See also: my Hunter post from 2021). They have a nice selection of cuisines and are strategically located next to my chiropractor. However, sometimes, we get … Continue reading

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The Heat Check

Some of you might be wondering about the title. This is a term most commonly associated with basketball. You might suggest that this implies a body temp check or an evaluation of the arena’s mercury. You’re wrong. A heat check … Continue reading

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Australia Day 2023

This Thursday was observed as Australia Day. The date celebrates the coming of the First Fleet into Aussie shores. Though the day falls on a Thursday, it is marked as a national holiday. Call centres of most national and multinational … Continue reading

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My New Year’s Resolution

The calendar has ticked forward and the year now reads 2023. That means out with the old and in with the new. Having a New Year’s resolution is a familiar path for those yearning to change. I remember Charles Oakley, … Continue reading

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What’s your forearm?

Note: No mammals were harmed in the making of this article An old Craig David song inspired the title of this week’s post. Back when MTV was still a thing, his song, ‘What’s your flava’ got a lot of airtime. … Continue reading

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