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Australian Open Twenty Nineteen

Let me tell you something: this week, I was short on ideas for a blog post. I did not go to the cinemas, the weather was stifling hot, and I just finished a long overdue read (City of Bones). I … Continue reading

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Last five

  I saw Spider-verse with a friend since my last post. I was tempted to relate about it here, but given how my prior two were movie reviews, I thought another reading list was a safer bet. The last one … Continue reading

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Aquaman reviewed

  Dubbed ‘the biggest movie this summer’, Aquaman blasted onto Aussie cinemas on Christmas Day this year. It made a killing in overseas markets before debuting at number one at the U.S. box office. Since one of my friends was … Continue reading

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Ralph Breaks the Internet reviewed

  December is almost over and Sydneysiders have been caught amidst a heatwave. With temperatures soaring above 40 degrees in parts of the metropolis, people have been finding refuge in beaches, pools, rivers, shopping malls, and at the cinemas. They … Continue reading

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The Hailstorm before Christmas

© Christopher Ong 2018. All Rights Reserved.   T’was the week before Christmas, when all through the town Not a raindrop was letting, not even past sundown; The houses were pelted and the cars on the ground My! Were they … Continue reading

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Buzzer beater

  I was thinking of writing another movie review, but my last two posts concerned a pair of films that we saw at the cinemas. The Shape of Water, in spite of stunning visuals and distinctive storytelling, could wait. This … Continue reading

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Creed II reviewed

  Yesterday was another scorcher, reaching 36 degrees in parts of Sydney. When I left the house, the air was already humid but would only get worse through the day. Thankfully, I was dressed in the right outfit. It pays … Continue reading

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