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Topher’s Faves

List your top 5 favorite fruits. Eating fruit is vital to having a balanced diet. The benefits of meat like protein and iron are well-documented. However, science has shown us that meeting your adequate fruit intake is necessary in staying … Continue reading

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‘Paklang-er’ aka Stalk Lady

Many moons ago, I mentioned how I hung out at Hunter Connection in Wynyard. (See also: my Hunter post from 2021). They have a nice selection of cuisines and are strategically located next to my chiropractor. However, sometimes, we get … Continue reading

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Our Yum Cha experience

Recently, my Uncle invited my family for yum cha. This wasn’t my first such lunch, but I it had been a while. Many moons ago, I recall my Aunty Ade treating us at Rhodes Waterside. She was accompanied by her … Continue reading

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Year of the Ape

I remember this story that my mum told me. As a child, she visited this family friend’s abode. The house per se was unremarkable, save for one difference maker. The family had a pet monkey. Not just for beautification purposes; … Continue reading

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The Lettuce Crunch

In recent days, the lowly iceberg lettuce has been caught in a storm. Previously, shoppers paid little attention to this sandwich staple, which sat meekly at $1.99 per piece. In many years of buying groceries, I could say that people … Continue reading

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Lent 2022: abstinence, fasting, and prayer

On 2 March 2002 was Ash Wednesday. Mass is usually observed on this date. In school, there was an Ash Wednesday mass and as a result, all students would have a black mark on their heads. The placing of ashes … Continue reading

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‘Gone in a flash!’

The aftermath of COVID has seen the closure of many stores. The months-long lockdown and lack of clients precipitated their downfalls. Some are lucky enough to still be standing. These are usually mid-level and high-volume franchises. They can afford to … Continue reading

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‘Lost in Translation’

We live in a multicultural society. We speak different languages at home. Though we live in the same setting, we come from different backgrounds. We have dissimilar interests. English is deemed the national language but we all have varying levels … Continue reading

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Second banana

Minimalist work seems to be catching on in the art scene. A few years ago, a Banksy painting was sold for millions at auction, only for the picture to be shredded seconds later, the highly original piece had the art … Continue reading

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In honour of my father

Today, 5 September, marks Father’s Day in Australia. Unlike other countries such as the US and the UK, our celebration falls on the first Sunday of September. For most of us, our dads fill an important role in our lives. … Continue reading

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