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Topher’s Faves

List your top 5 favorite fruits. Eating fruit is vital to having a balanced diet. The benefits of meat like protein and iron are well-documented. However, science has shown us that meeting your adequate fruit intake is necessary in staying … Continue reading

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From my memoir

Describe a random encounter with a stranger that stuck out positively to you. Today I’ll share an excerpt from my latest release, Topher Wins. Said title is an autobiography/self-help volume that was self published last year. This excerpt appears on … Continue reading

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The (not so) Secret life of Pets

What animals make the best/worst pets? Not surprisingly, I believe that dogs make the best pets. I’m sure many others would agree with me. Canines have been known as ‘man’s best friend’. They are incredibly loyal and empathetic, come in … Continue reading

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What is your favorite type of weather? This is in response to a post prompt from Jetpack. Most Sydneysiders would pick sunny conditions as their fave. After all, summertime is all of three months. For most of the year, the … Continue reading

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