“Easter is coming”

I don’t watch Game of thrones, but I know their catch phrase (winter is coming). Easter is around the corner, so allow me to count down some Aussie traditions.

Hot cross buns
Bread with sultana (raisins). What’s so cool about that? The buns may be heaven for those with a sweet tooth, but for the rest it’s a welcome change. This bread is sold in six- or nine packs, with or without raisins, in flavours such as mocha, fruit or chocolate. A treat to all walks of life, from the nanas to the little ones. This is a limited time product, only available for a few months during the year. The soft texture is perfect for those with dentures or with baby teeth.

Since there are over five million Catholics (as per the 2011 census), for many, seafood is synonymous with Holy Week. Abstaining from eating poultry during Lent is a staple of the Catholic faith. No wonder it’s not only churches that are packed during Easter season, but also the Sydney fish market hehe. Some even take it to the next level, not only abstaining or fasting, but also giving up something dear for the duration of Lent. I remember the forty hours of fasting which some of my colleagues did before. Unfortunately, it’s something I couldn’t do so I have to commend them for their doggedness.

Perhaps the most renown association with the season, chocolates are omnipresent. In the weeks leading up to the long weekend, you couldn’t find a Westfield without a choc mascot. From Fredo the frog to Jennifer the clown, there’s always a happy gremlin bringing kinder eggs. Just as ingrained to the kids at heart is the Easter bunny with their white paw prints and trail of lollies. While Easter is known as a time to reflect, it’s also a time to celebrate our King’s return.

Traffic gridlock for long weekend
I haven’t had first hand experience of this, but from what I’ve heard, it’s really bad. In the onset of the long weekend, traffic grinds to a halt as families flee the city en masse. Problem is, others have the same idea, so now you have jams that stretch for miles. Accidents are also common place, even with double demerits in place. This means that you will lose your license faster for any infractions obtained during the long weekend. With these mass exodus and returns, and traffic moving at snail’s pace, road casualties (or worse) are waiting to happen.

Four traditions that mark our Easter are outlined above. Whether near or far, Easter is what brings us together.

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