Born to write

I am a twentysomething Sydneysider, occasional student, movie die-hard and nature aficionado who is best defined by his passion towards writing all matter of the craft. My pen has taken me to diverse spaces spread across varying heights. I have progressed from being the high school associate editor to getting inked in magazines, from winning writing contests to besting academic essays at university. This website is the aftermath of research and specialised study, having been awarded an Honours degree and encountering a partridge of themes and issues along the way. As I continue to grow in mind and become more seasoned, it would be my pleasure to take you along for the run.

So don’t be scared and let your voice be heard.At the most, a mere six degrees of separation is in between us. Don’t wait for the next moment to interface; we should not be hosts to tomorrow’s uncertainty. As a recycled ad once intoned, ‘Face your fears, live your dreams’.

Let’s go!

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