The Hailstorm before Christmas

santa slay

© Christopher Ong 2018. All Rights Reserved.


T’was the week before Christmas, when all through the town

Not a raindrop was letting, not even past sundown;

The houses were pelted and the cars on the ground

My! Were they bloody glad to have insurance on hand.

The surfers were swimming at Bondi, unable to touch base,

This was a bigger headache than they could ever erase;

From north shore to east hills, the damage was done,

Such unreal hailstones no wonder everyone wanted to run;

They were like apple guavas raining down from the heavens,

So unexpected since it had just been as humid as ovens.


The bad weather had been rumbling for days on end,

When Mother Nature erupts, you’re left to mend;

It’s been like this for all of the week,

Streets were drenched and suburbs flooded, no rest for the meek;

I was sitting in the lounge unable to move

I turned off the TV as the thunder was in a groove;

I feared for my laptop so didn’t charge

The last hailstorm was so long ago seeming like a mirage;

My cousin was concerned she called me while it was pouring

Told her not to worry. It’s not ‘The Conjuring’.


This must be what it feels like to have the world to stop,

When you shouldn’t brave the tide and make everything drop;

A hundred million’s worth of damage that’s what I heard,

Those insurance companies could not help every bird!



In the spirit of Christmas, let’s not get stuck,

There’s more to Christmastime than nature running amuck;

You should hear about the 36-hour Yuletide shopping frenzy,

Or the Boxing day sales, where there’s bargains for all and sundry;

The traditions of celebrating Christmas are alive here as anywhere else,

From hanging stockings to Secret Santa, Christmas trees to miniature elves.

There is more sunshine here during December,

Longer days and shorter nights, we all want a piece of the Yuletide fever;

Christmas in summer, isn’t that what it’s all about?


Feasting, roasting, watching, clinking without doubt;

Turkey, ham, and lamb roast: take your pick,

Tis the season to indulge, so we can’t feel thick;

From pavlovas to pies, ice cream to eggnog,

The table is filled, ready to rock so no-one needs to leapfrog;

We gather as one and forget our troubles

The phones and tablets overstepped by nibbles;

The houses are filled with Christmas carols, the lights bringing neighbourhoods alive,

Windows are open, doors are welcoming, such is the holiday vibe.


In our joy, we remember the Holy Family,

They shaped us, and help us, we are grateful for their unending generosity;

Doesn’t matter if you’re Christian or not, neither your skin colour

Now that it’s Christmas it’s time to savour;

The season is one for all we are all equals

Whether it’s raining specks or rocks, we face our trials;

Santa may come or might be late,

But in the spirit of Christmas let us all stop and ruminate!


christmas tree ny


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