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The last day

31 December 2016 New Year’s Eve. People have packed the best spots to see the fireworks. The hottest tickets for the commoner are near Circular Quay, right beside the harbour bridge. Everyone is packed there like sardines at this time. … Continue reading

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Remembering Forrester, sixteen years later

The preceding clip is ‘plundered’ from an enduring favourite, Finding Forrester, first released sixteen years ago on this day. I must clarify that I am not 100% sure about the film’s initial release. While some outlets have this as early … Continue reading

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Cockatoo Island, Sydney

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‘Now make that old now’ – under armor Last weekend, my good friend and I agreed to meet up. We had planned this trip to Cockatoo Island, the largest on Sydney harbour. This excursion has been postponed a few times … Continue reading

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Impeached by popular demand

The looming impeachment of South Korean president Park has peppered the news of the last few weeks. While we now know the verdict, the impeachment route has become an inevitable lifeline of anti corruption politics. From Erap to Brazil, many … Continue reading

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Advent of summer 

December has barged in, and it’s a new season. While summery conditions have been around for the last few weeks, the coming of December officially marks the start. Outside people have been adapting well. You’re seeing more shorts, tees, and … Continue reading

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