A tourist’s guide to getting organised

With all the stuff that’s going on around us, it’s easy to forget things. Whether you’re looking for keys, looking for files (both physical and digital), or remembering that charging phone, your memory will let you down. Bearing this in mind, I’ll provide a list of what works for me.


  1. Setting your alarm clock. These days you don’t need the old circular timer with two bells on top. Your phone would suffice. Having a regular sleep pattern is important, but if you can’t stick to a routine, then at least try to wake up at the same time. Your body clock will be in tune, and it will do wonders for your concentration. Once that alarm jolts you in the morning, it’s time to get ready and face the new day ahead.
  2. Your wallet. I’ve previously posted about what’s in my wallet, including gift cards, loyalty cards, and bank cards. For many, having one is an essential part of their lives. Most people wouldn’t leave home without their wallet, and with good reason. While you can use your phone to transact and store cards, you may still need access to your cash, receipts, and some physical cards, which don’t have digital versions.
  3. Reminders app (or equivalent). Most phones these days come bundled with software that will help you get organised. Apple devices have this Reminders app, where you can set a date and time to be notified. I’ve found this very handy, like a virtual timer to make me remember things. When I charge my phone, it pings at the set time so I’m made aware. In addition, loading money to my Qantas card is quite convenient thanks to the app. As such, it’s like the brother I never had.


4.  I’ve detailed in prior posts as to the consequence of your cell. Whether it’s Android, Windows, or Apple, our phones top the list of our valuables. You could say that our mobiles are our windows to the world. Where would we be each day without them? The phone is the ultimate organiser: handy, portable but powerful. It’s like a virtual bank, with all the files, tools, and contacts. An acquaintance had the misfortune of losing a few phones. What’s more, he included his bank and opal cards on the phone case. Always be on the alert, never leave your phone at any time, and ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’. Lesson learned

5. A handy calendar. Whether the phone calendar, a mini planner smaller than your palm, or those standard issue bank lists made for fridges, you MUST have one. From marking your next appointment day to encircling your bill schedule, these timetables mean everything. I personally prefer the fridge ones, but feel free to utilise any of the three. If you opt for the bigger ones, with lunar phases and extra large dates, the problem is it’s not portable, to say the least. This might work if you own a business, or run one from home, but for us lesser mortals, try going for the mini versions.

6. Pack your bag early. Long gone are the days of leather messengers to work. Nowadays, backpacks are the zeitgeist. Most of us are familiar with the pack toting school kids who are just so annoying. I remember at uni, our tutor said that the kids are the group that really needs iPads. They just can’t stop bumping into you with those massive packs. To rid themselves of textbooks, they need to go high tech hehe. Meanwhile, the work force also employs packs. Remember: today’s early birds are tomorrow’s winners. If you ready your things the night before, it’ll save you loads of effort the next morning.

7. Locked in. While I can’t reprogram your mindset, do try your best to be suave. Cue the song ‘Smooth Operator’. There’s no reason to worry; everything’s gonna be alright. Forgot something? Take a chill pill. Missed your train to work? It’s not the end of the world. The sooner you realise that you’re not up against the world, the better you’ll perform. Stop fretting, and start doing.


Once again this is what works for me. Different people may use various methods, but make no mistake: getting organised is a universal language. Kitams?


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