It was a chance encounter with a chick. I went to Bunnings, the hardware store, to buy a flashlight. I’ve barely stepped out of Bunnings when it began drizzling. I used my brolly from Bunnings to the corner specialist, where a tall lady approached me. She was clearly avoiding the rain. 

I needed the torch for a DIY job at home. I settled for this simple light that had two AA batteries included. Other ones were more heavy duty but were twice the damage. Besides, I didn’t need it to have out of your mind features; it was only a simple project. 

Going straight

‘Are you going straight that way?’


‘Is it ok if I go with you? I just need to go that way too.’


So off we went. The lass was quite tall, almost my height. She had shoulder length hair, almond eyes, tanned skin and looked a little like the singer Lena (pictured below). She had an accent, but I couldn’t quite tell from where exactly. 

The walk’

Suddenly, as we were walking, she hooked her right arm onto my left. We traipsed the street like a couple on their wedding day lol. (In case you’re wondering, most of this story, including this part, wasn’t made up).

‘I’m Chris, by the way.’

‘Call me Jillian.’ (Well not her real name)

Upon hearing her speak, I was once again pressed to uncover the origins of this cutie.

‘Where are you from?’

‘Germany,’ she pronounced with a smile.

‘How bout you?’

‘I’m from the Philippines.’

‘Philippines…’ she echoed. I could sense the disappointment as her words trailed off…


‘We’re both wearing shorts,’ I observed.

‘Hot day, but bad weather.’ She retained that goofy smile. I almost smiled, since I wasn’t bringing a Mary Poppins like umbrella. We were only just shielded from the rain.

I could expand on this vaudeville, or save the lies for another day. I choose the former. Know this: most of what I said was accurate. I met a girl, we had a laugh, end of story. The purpose of the trip was simple: to buy the torch and give us peace of mind. Anything else was added gravy. 

Shot clock violation

I remember my friend many moons ago, as we were about to watch a rock concert. ‘What do they do before the show?’ 

‘Last time, I saw Justin Timberlake. They got some random to sing on the stage.’ Well at least the random didn’t ask for a duet ay.

Chances are, I will never see her again but I can rest knowing my kindness to a stranger may be repaid someday, somewhere, by someone else.

‘I’ll just turn this way to the bus stop.’ She jaywalked to the other side of the two lane road.

‘Take care Jill.’


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