Just Jeans reviewed

Over the past few years or so, I’ve been stuffing my wardrobe with items from quite a few stores. For instance, I got my latest pair of shoes from Myer online. Last year, I purchased two jackets from H & M. I also bought a thing or two from David Jones. Cotton On denim, Jeanswest tops, a Gap sweater, even a Jag polo, …and a partridge in a pear tree. Out of all these shops though, my favourite is Just Jeans. They are always great value, and offer cool promotions. Throughout the year, they give further reductions, which mean even more savings.

They’ve toned it down a bit lately. Before, they always had free shipping with no minimum spend. This happened a few times a year and made for even sweeter value, hassle free. I’ve been lucky to order a bit from them online, making the most of their graciousness. Once I snagged two shorts for under 13 bucks each. Another time I bagged a merino sweater for $20. These days, free delivery is often over $75. Insert frog face here.

While I’ve scored various items from JJ, practically all my shorts are from them. It’s like dandelions, once I started I couldn’t stop buying. From one pinstripe cargo, I added chino and five pocket shorts (and another cargo). Only one short is not from JJ, a long, reversible pair from Esprit. With none of them above $25, the question should be, why not? My all time favourite item from JJ is a navy bomber jacket that’s perfect for those winters.

Some of you may never have heard of Just Jeans. After all, it’s not branded like Jag or Esprit. While they do sell Riders by Lee, Guess and Levi’s, they’re known more for their tough denim, with the Tagline, ‘made in denim’. With over forty years’ experience of crafting durable jeans, they know their denim. At the moment, they have hundreds of stores across Au, the UK, and Asia. Their parent company, Just Group, owns a thousand stores scattered over five brands.

With the arrival of retail giants such as H & M, Zara, Uniqlo and others, medium sized Aussie retailers have been hit hardest. Think Marcs, Pumpkin Patch and Jeanswest: certainly not budget labels, thus a bit more expensive. In the case of Marcs, the brand has gone into bankruptcy, with Myer subsequently purchasing it. This is mostly good news for JJ, as the continuing decline of rival Jeanswest translates to more sales for them. Indeed Jeanswest has closed down in several locations around Sydney, but Just Jeans has remained strong. If they maintain their super sales and model pricing, their presence will be a slam dunk for a while.

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